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Video Game Horror Adaptations

Friday the 13th the Game: Those wishing to enter the shoes of slasher icon Jason Vorhees will get their wish this year. Unlike most horror games, Friday the 13th will feature an extensive multiplayer, in which seven players control camp counsellors tasked with finding a means of escape, while one player takes control of Jason himself, with their only goal being to kill the other seven players. Counsellors have access to various traps and weapons to slow Jason down, hiding places to avoid a deadly confrontation, and needs to find various componants to create an escape from the camp ground before Jason finds them. While Jason is slower than the counsellors, he is still strong and able to make quick kills using various finishing moves, which can be crushing a counsellor’s skull with his bare hands, to using his trademark machete or axe to slice them up, and even using things in the environment to dispatch the other players in grisly, if creative fashion. Developers have revealed there will be a way to kill Jason, but have vowed to never reveal how, instead allowing players to discover the different ways to do so.

The multiplayer is expected for release in early 2017, with a single player campaign promised for Summer later this year. Number 14. Agony: Aiming for the disturbing side of horror, Agony is a survival horror game by Madmind studio. Players are to explore the depths of hell, being exposed to tortured souls during their journey. The main character has no memories, and will have to take controlled of the souls players meet along the way, with each soul they possess having a special ability they can use to survive. Much of the game is stealth based, with players having to avoid conflict with demons hunting them and solve puzzles to move through the environment. The game has already gained a lot of pre-release praise, with Gameranks placing it in 2nd place in their Top 10 Games from Gamecon 2016. Furthermore, the teaser has gained over 6 million views, and was the top spot in a Bloody Disgusting poll.

Not much about the storyline has been revealed, and it is likely the developers will leave players to discover the story once the game is released. It is scheduled to be on steam in February, 2017. Number 13. Scorn: Horror doesn’t always rely on jumpscares to enduce terror. Scorn is a game being developed by Ebb Software set in an open world and encompassing various themes in each stage. Not much is known regarding the story, but it is shown to be a first-person shooting with a twist. An early teaser showed the playable character wielding a gun made of some sort of flesh, which the player can switch componants to make a new weapon. The visuals resemble an H.R. Geiger painting or Clive Barker splatterpunk novel. Much of its pre-release praise stems from its visuals, with the secrecy behind the story mixed with the macabre imagery intriguing people. Developers have also revealed the story will be told in similar fashion to the Half-Life series, with scenes taking place during gameplay as opposed to cut scenes.

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