Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em Rules


Texas Holdem is the most popular and easiest variant of community card poker games. Playing Texas Holdem is especially appropriate for novices, because it can be learnt in some minutes and with a few hours practice they will play fairly well. Texas Holdem game can be played both in brick and mortar casinos and in poker rooms over the Internet. Unlike conventional casinos, online poker rooms give their players the opportunity to play for free or real money. When playing Free Texas Holdem beginners improve their poker skills and newbies learn the basics without betting real money. Free Texas Holdem is generally played with between 2 and 10 people and is known to be the most positional of all poker variants, since the order of betting is fixed throughout all betting rounds.

Texas Holdem – Rules

Texas Holdem is played with 52- card deck, in which cards occur in four suits – Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds, as each of them has thirteen ranks. Card rankings, from high to low are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, as Ace is usually the highest poker times, but in some cases it can be the lowest. Playing Free Texas Holdem involves four rounds of betting, where the action goes in clockwise direction. The objective of Free Texas Holdem is to form the best five card combination, in order to win the pot (the sum of the money bet by oneself and other players). Before the action starts each player must put an Ante into the pot, but most games begin with posting the blinds. Blinds are bets made by the two player to the dealer’s left, Small Blind is posted by the first player to the dealer’s left, while the Big Blind is put by the second player. After blinds are posted, each player is dealt two facedown cards, called player’s pocket/hole cards and the first, pre-flop betting round starts. After that the dealer discards three community cards in the center of the table, this step is followed by the second, flop betting round, in which players are allowed to use both their hole cards and the community cards to form a poker hand. When the flop is over, another community card is dealt to come the third betting round, called turn betting round. Then the final fifth community card is discarded, followed by the last betting round, known as river. If more than one player remain in the game, there is showdown, where all the players reveal their cards in order to determine, who is the winner.

Texas Holdem – Poker Rooms to Gamble at

Playing free poker game is possible only in the online poker rooms. There are many poker rooms over the Internet, but the best are Party Poker, Pacific Poker and Noble Poker. These three card rooms are the most popular and the most preferred by many poker players all over the world. They offer its players the choice of free or real money play and nice environment where players can feel as if they are at real Vegas style casino.

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