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It’s actually not that loud; it’s just a little… Little high pitched. I will say one thing: Now that we’re actually into Windows, 720p on a six inch display is very, very small. Inside, this guy is rocking that core m3 processor with the integrated HD 615 graphics, 8GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, as well as a pair of 4900 milliamp hour batteries. Which especially when you’re doing longer gaming sessions should definitely come in handy. So because this guy only has 120 gigs of storage out of the box, I am using an external drive, but let’s actually see how the controls hold up in gaming. The first game I’m going to be trying is CS:Go. Now, this is a famous game that is really well known for how well it is supported by controllers and, how it really is the ultimate way of playing the game. Alright, I’m just gonna walk around here: because I don’t know what the controls are to switch… Oh it’s space.

So, immediately the performance seems decent. Um, I definitely need to tune the sensitivity of these sticks but getting like 45 frames per second on medium at 720p. The more I play this, the more it really does feel like I’m playing on a PC version of the Switch. The six inch screen, even though it’s not super high resolution or anything, because it’s so small, it makes a lot of games, even on medium, look pretty decent. Next, we have Rocket League. Now here I’m also going to turn it down to 720p on quality settings. But, I think we should be playable. A game like Rocket League does feel at home on the Win. Not only is it powerful enough to play it pretty well, the controls feel really nice. So, something that I’m noticing here is that the quality of the buttons and especially the sticks feels solid; it feels like, while yes, this is going to be a little bit of an expensive portable, would you see where they spent it?

It wasn’t like they were just going crazy… And oh yeah, come on, come on come on… No, no… Next, we have GTA5. Now this, it claim, is able to be played back at around 40 frames per second with max settings. However, while I’m playing it here at 720p on normal, I’m getting like 20 frames per second. So I’m not exactly sure how they’re getting that number. I mean, it’s kinda playable, just about as much as, like, the Xbox 360 version, maybe? But, yeah not the greatest experience. Even thought the controls are good for the most part I will say it is a little bit awkward to have three set of buttons on your shoulders instead of two. So instead of being able to press in the sticks for R3 and L3, you actually have that dedicated button around back. And that’s fine, but I accidentally keep grabbing it when I mean to do something like shoot at someone or something, which is kind annoying.

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