Online Pokies

Advantages to Play Online Pokies

Advantages to Play Online Pokies РLower Stakes

When you play Online Pokies, you can play for very low stakes because there are no dealers, rent or utilities to pay, so the online sites can offer games at very low limits. All this would not be practical or profitable for the land-based cardroom. It should be no problem for you to find some sites with stakes as low as a nickel or dime, which would be a great way to make the transition from free play Online Pokies to money play.

Advantages to Play Online Pokies – No Tipping Required

In a cardroom it is customary to tip the dealer when you win a pot, and this tip along with the rake is money you have to pay to play. On the other hand, when you play Online Pokies you are not required to tip the dealer which means you are keeping more of what you win.

Advantages to Play Online Pokies – No Intimidation

Sometimes the new players may found sitting down in a live game and facing nine other players for very intimidating. When you play Online Pokies, it is the same as playing a video game as you are sitting in front of your computer facing a monitor instead of a live person, and you can interact with the other players via the chat box or choose to just play your own game without having to talk or socialize, and also nobody can see you if your hands are shaking because of nerves.

Advantages to Play Online Pokies – Pot Odds Shown

When playing in a live game many players find difficult to keep track of pot odds and determine if they are getting the correct odds to call a bet or not, but when you play Online Pokies you always know exactly how much money is in the pot. Also, you can easily calculate the pot odds for each decision you have to make, and if you are unsure you can refer to an out chart and even quickly use your calculator to do the math.

Where to Play Online Pokies

In case you want to play Online Pokies, it is preferable to pick a site that offers free games as well as money games. Then just download their software and play for a while to make sure you like the interface and the way the software play and the graphics look, and also you may observe some of their money games and see if they offer enough tables for the limits you want to play. In case you are a interested to play Online Pokies tournaments, you might want to see if the site offers Freeroll tournaments that will give you an opportunity to win some real money to get your account started, and also before you put any money into a site, look into the history of the site. To do so you may check around with other players to make sure payments are made in a timely fashion, and you can check the forums for recent posts about the site you are considering.

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